Who We are?

Regarding the Mission of providing the most convenient and qualified Insurance and Financial Planning Learning opportunities in Hong Kong and the Greater China Region, Our Community aims to endow Insurance and Financial Planning Sales professional learning opportunities so as to meet their Field actual needs.

Self - Development

Who does not desire self-development to be successful and live happier? Money, status, time and a joyful life, Why we have to choose ONE? Click to get a better YOU.

Financial - Investment

Jumping into INVESTMENT or LEARNING how to invest? DO NOT RUSH since you can fail and complete loss. Why is it? Click to get the answer.


Getting an international university qualification in Viet Nam, why not? Let’s become WISER in knowledge, check out these courses to bring your dream future nearer.


At WISE ASIA, we are moving boldly – and concertedly – to expand tomorrow’s frontiers. We believe that we have the power to shape the future, for the better.